A substantial novel whose setting is the riverside house in England that the author was born in, which here he calls Moorhens. The primary year is 2005, though we also travel with the main characters, Miriam and Cal Rainey (opposite-sex versions of the same person), to a Moorhens just after the Second World War, and at the end see what has become of them (and the house) in 2033. The story concerns almost identical but initially separate versions of the Rainey family and what happens when Miriam and Cal accidentally switch lives and histories - disastrously for one of them.

If you come to 'The Rainey Seasons' after reading 'This Ruined Place' (the first in this sequence of three linked novels) you will have read a little about the occasionally formidable Lisette Rainey. In 'The Rainey Seasons' there's a lot more about Lisette - and the terrible thing that happens at Moorhens as a direct result of her eviction from the Dorset village of Rouklye in 1943.



A novel by Michael Lawrence